Seems this year has been particularly dramatic in the display of the Northern Lights. Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of landscapes illuminated by the bright colors in the blackness of the night sky. This kind of drama is worthy inspiration of capture on canvas – and therefore my current muse!

Northern Lights acrylic by Rose Jarecki, Gallery's Choice
Northern Lights in acrylic by Rose Jarecki, Gallery’s Choice

What might not be apparent to most people is what the Northern Lights (AKA: Aurora Borealis) represents: It is our only atmospheric protection from the arrant radiation of the sun and deep space. And this year, due, perhaps in part to the increase in solar storm activity our scientists have been recording, it seems the bubble we live under is being bombarded!

While I don’t think we need to hide under our desks – I do think this is an opportune time to display some gratitude and wonderment at the amazing miracle we get to witness and admire. We can look up into the night sky and be thankful not merely for the show of bright dancing colors, but for our very existence beneath it.

This acrylic painting has become the subject of a Gallery’s Choice Art Experience Workshop (check our events calendar for times and locations). Won’t you join us?

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We’ll be watching!

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