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Northern Lights acrylic by Rose Jarecki, Gallery's Choice

Northern Lights

Seems this year has been particularly dramatic in the display of the Northern Lights. Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of landscapes illuminated by the bright colors in the blackness of the night sky. This kind of drama is worthy inspiration. This acrylic painting may become the subject of my next Gallery’s Choice Art Experience Workshop. Will you join us? Drop us a comment and message us so we can let you know when and where this event will be held!


Color Theory

These last several days have been rainy and grey. But thanks to some beautiful fresh flowers I received for my birthday, I am able to rejoice in spring and be inspired for painting! We are working with some bright oil paints this week, and I wonder how close I can get to these vibrant blooms! …


Light 'em UP!

Looking forward to teaching one of my all time favorites – 3-D Copper Enameling. This intermediate level art experience is for those who have had a taste of torch fired enamels and who what to do more. We will be working with sheet copper and creating – from scratch – design element that have form …


This morning…

I couldn’t wait to get up and start blogging! I know that sounds strange. But this is a very important step for Gallery’s Choice. Having a place to share a stream of consciousness about the life and times of this business, my art work, and approach to teaching is an exciting new frontier for our …