Many people are intimidated by stained glass, thinking they would love to do it, but it might be too hard. Or they do not feel they are artistic enough. Some can’t imagine how to work with the glass. They have questions about how to control it, shape it, meld it into the shapes they see in their artistic vision. Where do you begin?

At Gallery’s Choice, we create a lot of stained glass. Most all of our work is custom for homes and businesses. It is something we love to do so much that we had to share it! Our beginner and intermediate stained glass classes are well attended and a constant in our class schedule rotation. We currently offer three different class times during the week, with more “flex-time” studio availability for those who want/need more.

Our instruction is personal, delivered in a just-in-time manner, so you can learn at your own pace. You’ll be surrounded by others in class working on a variety of projects, at a variety of levels. (Our students are awesome, by the way.) This upbeat, supportive environment will help you be inspired!

In addition, the gallery does not require a minimum tool purchase to get started. Use our tools, and, when you are ready, you can purchase everything you need for your own home studio from us! We take away the barrier to entry – letting you try it before you invest!

Share this “Ad” with your friends! Our stained glass classes are our joy and we’d love to share this amazing art form with you.

So take a break from the rest of your to-do list and make time to learn something new! Who knows – you might get hooked on an amazing art form (like we did)!

Join Us!

Now registering for April 2019 – seats still available!

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