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Northern Lights acrylic by Rose Jarecki, Gallery's Choice

Northern Lights

Seems this year has been particularly dramatic in the display of the Northern Lights. Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of landscapes illuminated by the bright colors in the blackness of the night sky. This kind of drama is worthy inspiration. This acrylic painting may become the subject of my next Gallery’s Choice Art Experience Workshop. Will you join us? Drop us a comment and message us so we can let you know when and where this event will be held!

Art for Life Podcast

Episode #8: Thoughts for Life

A raw and inspirational look at life through the eyes of an artist in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. This Art for Life Episode puts into perspective the personal challenges and opportunities; sharing their story and resources in an attempt to serve as inspiration for others during this time of unprecedented fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Marathon In Glass

Tiffany-style lamps are the marathon of stained glass projects, while not exceeding difficult, they take an abundance of time and patience! Stained glass artists at Gallery’s Choice can guide you through the process and make your dreams of creating an heirloom lamp come true!