Just an example of how a custom stained glass piece can stand the test of time in the home. This custom stained glass work originally built at Gallery’s Choice for an exact fit for a kitchen window, takes on new life in a prominent space above a fireplace mantel! A gorgeous re-purpose allows for constant enjoyment and demonstrates the versatility that stained glass offers.

This is just the latest example of how to re-purpose a stained glass piece in the home. We are often asked by our customers if there is a way to “save” a precious glass piece after a move or re-model. The resounding answer is YES!

Many times these pieces will have sentimental value for the owner: It was a piece a family member made for them; or it was from the family home and passed down over the years. There’s something special about glass art: it is one of those items that is recognized for the time and craftsmanship that went into making it – giving it special value.

There are several ways to bring a treasured art glass piece back into your room, even in a contemporary space.

  • Hang it in a new window.
  • Frame it and hang as an artistic wall hanging.
  • Mount it to a base, add framing and light from the back to use it as a corner sculpture
  • Link several sections into a room divider or fireplace screen
  • Divide it to resize portions into sidelights or transoms
  • Build it into a pass-through wall opening as a room divider
  • Hang with or in front of a mirror on an accent wall
  • Hang it in a garage or workspace window to provide privacy

The list is really quite endless! Each work and space are unique, so contacting a specialist to help guide you through the process is essential. Often, works need reinforcing or repair before they can be put to a new use. Other times, simply supporting the structure with a solid double sided frame is all that is needed. In some instances, parts of the original work is put into or expanded with additional stained glass art, so it can fit into a new space and look as though it had been made for the space!

We have helped many refurbish, refresh and give new life to precious pieces of stained glass!

Read more about this custom stained glass project, get a behind the scenes peak into the life of a modern day stained glass artist, or get inspiration from other glass projects, visit our blog.

Contact us if you have a piece that needs a better fit in your home decor!

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