Just wanted to share a resource for you.

I don’t know if you all are finding it surprisingly distracting and noisy where you are as we try to shelter in place. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, the emails keep coming, text messages keep beeping. One thing is for sure, we don’t know how to slow down! This burst of noise adding to the anxiety of not knowing – it’s amazingly difficult to think clearly. While I am finding this particularly surprising – and given my own personal situation maybe not so surprising – I thought I would take a moment to share a free resource I found from a favorite app – Calm. (No they are not an affiliate and I do not get anything if you sign up!) I just think – given today’s circumstances – many of you may benefit from what they have to offer, if only to bring your awareness back to your breath and quiet the noise of the day so you can think more clearly about the what to do next with your family, your job and your community.

Below I have placed a link to a Calm website page which has some free resources for you to try. (I am listening to some Rain on Leaves as I write this.)


This page has links to many features of their app, but you can access these free without signing up for anything. There are guided meditations, sleep stories, things for kids, even some help on curbing anxiety.

Check out the Calm Mater Class entitled: “Creative Living Beyond Fear,” by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the New York Times best seller Eat Pray Love, powerfully reminds us that we are all creative beings. Whether you dream of expressing yourself more fully, sharing your story, building something beautiful, or sprinkling more magic in your day-to-day life, this Calm Masterclass is the perfect place to begin your creative process.

I absolutely love Elizabeth’s explanation of creativity and how co-creation and creative living is any life that chooses the path of curiosity instead of fear. The loving artist. The persistence within you. Give this a listen!

Hope you can find some peace in this time of uncertainty – but realize that this peace comes from within.

Be well.

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