Welcome to our first episode!

Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice
Episode #1: Art and Artichokes

Welcome to our first episode of the Art for Life Podcast! Check out our show notes below for helpful links to the recipes mentioned in the show.

Show Notes:

In this episode we will inspire you, as we share our story of how one passion for art turned into another for farming! We talk about why we decided to launch a Gallery’s Choice podcast show. And finally we’ll provide some fun foodie antidotes about artichokes, and why you should love them!

Episode #1: Art and Artichokes.

This is the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice, and I am your host, Rose Jarecki. Gallery’s Choice’s Art for Life Podcast series. Meant to explore the creative side of life by sharing tips techniques, inspirations and recipes with the goal of living well.  Whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, a regular Jane or Joe Doe, with some time to kill, I promise there is something in here for all of you. We will talk about our business and how to be a great career creative. We will get you started if you never, or you never knew you could. And we will share anything we discover on the topics of being healthy, happy and wise…

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Never prepped a fresh artichoke before? Check out this video (and get ready to laugh!)

Veggie of the Week: Artichokes!


Bonus: Spinach Artichoke Flower-Heart Dip

Roasted Artichokes de Provence


This episode was self-sponsored by Gallery’s Choice. Gallery’s Choice is a family-friendly art and gift gallery with a hands on art focus. Featuring the stained glass art of Rose and Bill Jarecki, the art gallery is home to more than 75 local area artists in a variety of media. In it’s 16th year of operation in the Downers Grove, IL area, the gallery teaches classes for young and old at all skill levels in glass art, including stained glass, fused glass, mosaics; fine art, drawing, painting (watercolor, oils and acrylics), and jewelry including metalsmithing, silver clay, and enameling. For a full line up of current classes, check out https://galleryschoice.blog/gallerys-choice-classes-and-events/

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