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Marathon In Glass

Tiffany-style lamps are the marathon of stained glass projects, while not exceeding difficult, they take an abundance of time and patience! Stained glass artists at Gallery’s Choice can guide you through the process and make your dreams of creating an heirloom lamp come true!

Art for Life Podcast

Episode #1: Art and Artichokes

First of it’s kind, the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice bringing you a light and humorous look at the world of art through the eyes of an artist, along with insight on how to live well by exploring culinary arts. For cooks, creatives and anyone who needs a good laugh! The Art for Life Podcast is a weekly program designed to inspire, educate and support the creative endeavors of others. In this episode we share our story of how one passion for art turned into another for farming!


Elegant Home Accents

Antique cut crystal plates steal center stage for these eye catching custom designed kitchen cabinet door inserts. This series of doors features two sizes of matching ornate plates. Fabrication took extra care, as required by any three dimensional add-in to a stained glass project. This coupled with exacting geometry gave this project its challenges! These …


Afraid to Ask?

Stained Glass by the Numbers Piece by piece, these stained glass side lights come together. I almost never stop to count the number of pieces in my designs. Sometimes I think it would scare me to know! Some studio’s charge by the piece. This is a good indicator of the work’s complexity, given each individual …