Stained glass can enhance a room and add ambience. We knew that. But seeing it in action – as completed projects are installed in their forever homes – takes this to a new level of realization.

Nancy has been working with us for several months now, with a mission to enhance their living space and create a bit of privacy while still letting light into their room. Her colors, specially chosen to complement the existing decor, were warm and strong. Her design – classy and regal.

At Gallery’s Choice, we work with students at all levels – from the newest beginner to more accomplished, to help make their vision a reality. I always say I live vicariously through our students works. I definitely could see myself relaxing in this room, with a cup of tea….

But I digress!

Nancy did a fabulous job on these three panels – and just wanted to share her great works with you all!

Set of two side panels.
Imagine yourself in this space!

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