At the gallery, our classes inspire creative thinking beyond the everyday. And our recent students’ accomplishments are really something to be proud of!

In a previous post, we highlighted the use of software to aid in the design of a complicated image for one of our patrons. With a few tweaks and considerations by our expert stained glass fabricators (ahem, “Mr. Bill” and myself), we helped nail the design – to a point. This was where the high tech design required more tech on the fabrication side to make the engineering of glass and solder work! One days training on using a Taurus 3 Ring saw, (one of my favorite tools) and our student was good to go!

Congratulations Mandy!

Joking aside, just a beautiful piece of work that was executed expertly through superb glass selection and tremendous attention to detail! A piece that will be an heirloom! Mr. Bill and I are so proud!!!!

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