Local farmers markets are a great source of local food and handmade goods, and a great place to do some people-watching. One of the most popular spots for the 5-and-under crowd is a covered storm sewer near our DDG tent. Many, many stones have splashed below.

But for me, it’s the shirts and hats. Call it local flavor. So I’m sharing my favorites, and trying desperately NOT to comment. At all. Ever. OK, maybe just a little. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Mostly.)

If I can figure out how to just ADD to this post every week or so, I’ll do that. Happy scrolling!

Downtown Downers Grove Market 5-25-19:
Clearly this will be Miss Rose’s favorite of the year. It’s a Texas Roadhouse. And Apprentice Andrew will love the Illinois State Redbirds hat. Great combo!

. ‘Nuff said. Downtown Downers Grove Market 5-18-19.

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