A behind the scenes look at our first lavender planting of the year!

Lots of work goes in before the name goes on our GC Lavender products.
Check out our Field of Dreams!

But “Why?” you ask would we do this? Why would we farm? Why would we take the time, put in the effort, engage in such a pursuit? The answer is somewhere between having a restless creative mind and because we can!

Now that we have been working our “grow-it-local” business pursuit, I can’t imagine us without it. It all started as a simple idea to make our marketing efforts for our art gallery more relevant. Focusing on culinary arts as the tie in to local creativity, the idea blossomed into something bigger!

The plants themselves are pleasing and so versatile I am continually amazed. From fragrant garden boarder, to stress reliever, to savory spice, sweet addition to bakery and confections, to bug repellent – this plant seems to have it all. But the best part for me, personally, is what I have learned about farming. By tending to this field, loosing a good number of plants to local rabbits, worrying about them in extreme weather, harvesting from them…I have found such an appreciation for the work of our local farmers. I have such a new respect for our neighbors in agriculture! And this new found awareness of what it takes to be in a business where Mother Nature is the boss, the work is hard and days are long, has been eye opening!

All this work with the rewards of providing products that serve the local community.

Some of the steps for this year’s planting:

  • Amend the clay soil with sand, gravel and peat moss.
  • Mound the rows to increase air circulation.
  • Add drainage.
  • Add drip irrigation to rows of first year plants.
  • Cover with weed barrier.
  • Measure plant spacing.
  • Cut opening in weed barrier.
  • Plant!

Lavender plants are a perennial that likes drier, more arid environments. There are many varieties and some actually do very well in our area with proper care! They are (usually) deer and rabbit resistant, (unless your plants are culinary and your bunnies are hungry!)

Hope you enjoyed our little back lot tour! Stay tuned this year for even more GC Lavender products! Now available online, as well as at the gallery and at a farmer’s market near you!

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