GC Lavender Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub


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Bring the luxury of the spa home and enjoy the same high-end pampering in the safety and comfort!  This exfoliating treatment features natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals and preservatives and leveraging the skin renewing and revitalizing properties of lavender.

GC Lavender Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub – A minty and refreshing course salt scrub works hard on callouses to wake up and sooth tired feet, knees, legs and elbows.

Spa treatments such as these can run $50 or more for a single session!  Now you can enjoy pampering at home!

To use, simply

1. gently message a small amount on desired area –

2. wrap the area in a moist warm towel for 3 – 5 minutes and enjoy the soothing/invigorating aroma – and finally

3. wash away with soap and warm water.

Please note:

Rich emollients oils in the foot scrub can cause slippery conditions in the tub or shower – please take care when using these treatments!   We recommend enjoying the treatment from a seated position – using a foot bath somewhere other than the tub or shower – and washing and drying feet completely before standing!

External use only.

For the delicate skin of the face – try our GC Lavender Honey Rosewood Sugar Scrub – Warm, emollient scrub featuring ethically sourced rosewood and lavender essential oils combine with natural honey and brown sugar to deliver a gentle but effective exfolient for face and hands.

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